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"Ian doesn't say too much even to me but he did say that he likes skating with you. Great pace! It's great how you push them to be better and faster." - Hugh

Maverick and Veronica have never had as much fun at a camp before. They love you as a coach and how you make them laugh.They really enjoyed your camp and actually complained when they had to miss it on Friday due to the weather." - Jeananne

"Hunter loves your program and hates when it ends. Don't change a thing. Hunter's confidence gets a huge boost from your program. If we are around, he will be at every program you have going for that age group." - Mark 

"Chase had an excellent time and really enjoyed it. One thing I noticed that you do more than most other coaches for his age group is how involved you get in making the games a fun experience. Whether it's a friendly taunt or hook; your enthusiasm when goals are scored or big saves are made are really fun for the parents that are watching. They must be priceless to the kids that are experiencing it." - Chris

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